Trees for Peace

Liberland is founded on the principles of self-determination, entrepreneurship, and that people are best helped when they can help themselves. While we aim to alleviate famine and poverty in our neighbor counties, the best long-term support we can provide is to enable communities to become ecologically self-sustaining.

This is why we are a proud member of the Trees for Peace Alliance. We believe that creating self-sustaining local food sources that replenish the environment rather than damage it is the best way to end famine.


Ecological Restoration

The Trees for Peace initiative creates edible food forests of any size using a process known as syntropic agroforestry and adds a blockchain component to monitor the progress, in order to prove progress towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development goals for food production.

While traditional farms deplete the soil and slowly degrade the surrounding ecosystem, a syntropic farm does the opposite: the variation of flora serves to replenish the Earth, consumes far less water, naturally wards off pests, and naturally reverses the effect of desertification by creating microclimates which support rainfall.

An Ongoing Initiative

This project is very long term – a syntropic farm produces yields over the course of 30 years, with the first harvest ready after just 3 weeks. Farm will grow larger each year even without human help, but we aim to supercharge growth by continually investing in the farm itself and those who gain from it.

By training local populations to protect the farm and harvest its produce, the Trees for Peace project also provides educational benefits on top of an ongoing food source. Once local nutritional needs are met, excess yields can be sold at market and a portion of profits reinvested in the farm, advancing its purposes further.

Our first food forest is underway in Curacao. With your continued support, we will expand these projects to other countries. Thanks to our partners: PAC Global – PAC, Globalboost, David Gokhshtein, Summit Blockchain, Give, Binance Charity Foundation, Flame of Peace.

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