Vanya Czar

Honorary Director

About Me:

I am Vanya Czar, family man and entrepreneur from Sombor, Serbia. I have been working and investing in Liberland for the past 5 years, since President Vit Jedlička invited me to help him. I hope my results are seen and respected as I have made some small changes and stick to those principles to this day. I have also been cooperating with Vice President Bogie and the Government of Liberland from the very beginning and have been providing information and advice for more successful work of Liberland in Serbia. I believe that so far we have had two very successful activities of the Liberland Aid organization, when we donated a computer classroom and a 3D printer that are still used by the students of the Apatin Technical School. My biggest contribution in the past 5 years is the development of ARK Lake Property as a Liberland village and camp in Serbia, which is close to Liberland and represents a safe oasis for all nomads and settlers, where they can get all the information and support. The property is huge and requires huge investment and care, and we designed it to be a natural oasis where people can really rest their souls and work in nature. My entire extended family is involved in Liberland in some way, but above all I am happy that I have also created a local team of people I work with, expanded the network of people and brought Liberland closer to the local community in a way that was acceptable to them. To me, these people are the greatest resource we have. Although we are still at the very beginning and we strive for great success, Ark Village is a solid example of how it can and should be done both in Croatia and in other countries where we have representative offices. Besides producing healthy, organic food, my next priority is to make ARK a business incubator, where people will learn useful skills for business (food and drink production, arts and crafts, online jobs). Of course, I also invest time and energy in the young generation, we regularly create individualized programs for children, where children are somehow detoxified from unnecessary information from the outdated school system, but therefore have all our resources at their disposal to acquire real and modern knowledge. That’s a brief summary of what I do and what I do within the scope of the Liberland mission in Serbia, and thank you for your support so far.