Michael Alwood

Vice President and Treasurer

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Michael Alwood . Partner . Chief Operating Officer . Director of International Joint Ventures

Michael Alwood joined ATOLLetc LLC in 2023 through several collaborative international projects. His focus is on energy, hybrid energy, agriculture, import and export of goods and services, humanitarian aid in the Dominican Republic, and a diplomatic liaison. Mike is an Ambassador At Large for Liberland, with a focus on energy initiatives.

Mike is a substation supervisor, the labor representative and subject matter expert for municipal healthcare, and a veteran of the US NAVY where he served on the USS Ray (SSN-653), a fast attack nuclear submarine. He is a consultant on healthcare for both public and private entities. He serves on a global panel for the regulatory landscape of the metaverse, with Kathleen Alcorn.

In addition to his work with ATOLLetc LLC, Mike Alwood is a bidder’s assistant with Mecum Auto Auctions and also at Clinton Auto Auctions in Clinton, IL.

Mike is a lover of the ocean and a deep sea fisherman. He has a strong construction background and spends time with family renovating homes.

Contact Michael Alwood with your consulting needs at: malwood@atolletc.com or at LinkedIn.