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Kathleen Alcorn . Partner . CEO . Director of Government and Global Relations

Kathleen Alcorn, is an international consultant, federal lobbyist and past civil servant. She established ATOLLetc LLC upon a diverse legislative, regulatory, and compliance background within government, NGOs, and the private sectors. Kathleen is an advocate of Blockchain technologies, specifically to protect the safety and soundness of the public. Kathleen builds and works with teams all over the world.

Kathleen is Scrum Master Certified (SMC), Certified Counterintelligence Threat Analyst (CCTA), Certified Open Source Intelligence (C/OSINT), Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations (CECI), Certified Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigator (CCFI), Certified Digital Currencies Investigator (CDCI), and Certified All Source Intelligence Professional (CASIP). Through Canadian-based Manchester CF Financial Intelligence Unit training, FIU Connect, she is Certified in AML Fundamentals, Human Trafficking, Environmental Crimes, and Wildlife Trafficking. She is also a Certified Blockchain Expert, Certified Cryptocurrency Expert (CCE), and a Certified Blockchain Architect.

Kathleen holds the following SBA Certifications: Audits & Accounting Systems  |  Federal Acquisitions Primer  |  Contractor Training  |  Marketing to the Government Buyer  |  Developing the Cost Proposal  |  Developing the Technical & Past Performance Proposals  |  Facilities Acquisition Regulations Primer for Small Businesses  |  Federal Contracting Basics  |  Introduction to Managing Government Construction Projects  |  Managing & Administering Government Contracts  |  Understanding the Requests for Proposal  |  Facilities Clearances  |  Government Contract Types  |  How to Qualify for the GSA Schedule  |  Negotiating Government Contracts.


Kathleen Alcorn’s consulting expertise is specialized and not limited to Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure, Regulatory and Public Affairs, Data Analytics, Smart Cities, Technology in Infrastructure and Construction, Ethics in Technology, Data Privacy, Data Ownership, International Affairs, and of course, all things Blockchain. Kathleen is involved with several start-up initiatives including Eya Global | EyA Americas, Inc. and (Proposed) Maven Federal Credit Union, whose products involve web 3.0, IoT, digital twins, AI/ML, the metaverse, and blockchain. She is a proponent of blockchain schools for grade school children in Africa and other underserved areas of the world. She is an Ambassador At Large for Liberland, focusing upon digital identity systems. She is a strong supporter of several local and global anti-human trafficking initiatives. She serves on a global panel for the regulatory landscape of the metaverse, with Michael Alwood.

Kathleen has served as the Deputy Mayor of Springfield, IL, USA and as City Clerk of Leland Grove, IL. In both roles, she served on several boards through the Springfield-Sangamon Regional Planning Commission, including the Regional Leadership Council, the Springfield Area Transportation Study (SATS), and the SATS Policy Council. As City Clerk, she helped lead the City of Leland Grove’s Long-Range Plan. As Deputy Mayor, she was part of the selection committee for the Downtown and Mid-Illinois Medical District Master Plan. Her decision in choosing a vendor was based upon the thoughtful and skilled interpretation presented in Ping Tom Memorial Park located in Chicago’s Chinatown, and the designer’s agreement that urban canopies should be one of the strengths of the overall plan for Springfield, IL, citing nature as an integral part of healing that should be incorporated within the medical landscape. As an Adjunct Professor, Kathleen has taught AutoDesk, Building Sciences, Art History, Drawing, and Life Drawing at area colleges, including her alma mater. During the global pandemic, Kathleen worked with Indigenous groups on a blockchain based supply chain and logistics app to secure the integrity and quality of product from seed to sale within the cannabis industry.

Kathleen is an open water swimmer and an artist of many mediums. In her younger life, she was a wrangler and raced in Olympic Trial Regattas (J fleets) while completing collegiate studies. She was then a project manager for large commercial and residential construction projects, including procurement and contract negotiations, custom design and landscaping, while also teaching labor trades to felons, providing them with skills to support their families. Kathleen continues to dabble in restoration and construction with Michael Alwood.

Connect with Kathleen via email at kalcorn@atolletc.com or on LinkedIn.